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The Warriors: Jailbreak is a 4 part comic book continuation/sequel thing to the movie and whatever has been accepted as canon since. It’s relatively short and I think it actually took me about an hour or less to read all of it once I finally managed to keep my hands on the whole thing. Despite it’s length, early on it established a number of plot lines which involve Ajax’s life in prison, Swan and Mercy’s relationship, and Rembrandt’s inner struggles with being a young artist in a gang.

It was written and the first issue was printed and sold back in 2009. However due to issues with their publishing company, the Jailbreak team couldn’t get the rest out until early last year. Being the fan that I am I still waited eagerly for the release, because if there’s one thing that interests me as a Warriors fan is any further characterization or insight as to how the rest of the gangs and the crime-ridden NYC operate. 

Jailbreak, unfortunately, failed to live up to my expectations. 

One thing the comics had going for them is the sheer potential they started with. The story lines aside from the main plot were fascinating. We get to know more about Mercy and Rembrandt, who has always been a favorite of mine because he just seems so out of place compared to his gangmates, but always added some sort of inexplicable level-headedness and character to what would otherwise be boring testosterone-fueled caveman energy fight porn. The first issue gives us a few scenes with Mercy and her new sugar daddy, which leads to conflict between her and Swan. Rembrandt is shown in an art class, painting a highly detailed and impressive gladiator while everyone refuses to speak to him, despite their acknowledgements of his talent.

Aaaaaaaaand that’s really about as deep as it ends up getting there. The main plot, which involved their attempts to free Ajax from the dangerous prison he’s been sent to after he was arrested in the film takes over completely. While this is the main part of the comics, the way these other really, really cool storylines got completely thrown out to make Ajax and Swan look cool was, simply put, absolutely lazy. 

The Hi-Hats show up to Coney Island, seemingly having forgotten that the Warriors had been framed despite the fact that it had been announced by that same DJ that helped start the trouble in the movie in the first place. A fight ensues. The first issue ends. That’s it. 

I won’t spoil the rest since there are some decent moments and good bits of characterization here and there afterward. However, I have a few other issues with the comics aside from the wasted plots.

Namely, the art.  

It’s… not great. I wasn’t expecting anything like, Marvel level in terms of art and detail since it was drawn and colored by a pretty small team. We got pretty Rob Liefield-y here, though. All of the background characters pretty much look the same, and no one’s appearance stays consistent. It’s overly gritty. It’s not awful, but it looks messy. 

Especially considering how cool and colorful and neat some of the official art looks:

(Spoiler alert: this stuff doesn’t actually really happen in the actual comics themselves. Or if it did, it’s nowhere near as cool.)

Art aside one of the main things about Jailbreak that really bothered was the treatment of our “villain”. 

This is our villain. This character literally did nothing wrong. Hell, this character literally never gets a name. We never even find out if he’s even a real Fury because he’s clearly extremely delusional. 

Before you accuse me of being too “politically correct” or something, I feel the need to mention that this bizarre and unnecessary demonization of severely mentally ill characters is really just plain old lazy writing more-so than it is me being offended at yet another piece of media doing the “violent crazy person that would in real life be more vulnerable than dangerous” thing. Of course, this is The Warriors; I don’t expect any sensitivity as much as I expect something interesting that doesn’t fall in the same boring tropes found literally everywhere. 

It makes our villain utterly disappointing. Like I said, this character truly at no point was a real threat to anyone or even did anything wrong until Ajax provoked him and brought it all on himself. Hell, if anything, the crazy little man who may or may not even be a Fury is unintentionally the most sympathetic character in the whole thing. 

Overall, if I had to describe Jailbreak in one word, it would be “underwhelming”. It started out pretty good then fizzled out and became a big disappointment. I’m glad I didn’t spend much money on it aside from issue one. It’s too short and missed so many great chances at tension and basic character development. 

It’s still worth getting if you’re a big Warriors fan, and maybe I’m just being nitpicky because I waited for this for years, so I say, read it for yourself. You might very well enjoy it and it’s easy to find online. In fact I think the entirely of the first issue has been scanned and been put on some forum somewhere.

I’ll add any relevant links if anyone is interested. 

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